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Nashville Camera is a boutique rental house, with over 25 years experience in both shooting & providing cameras & lenses for Cine & ENG-style productions.

We rent ARRI, Sony, RED, Blackmagic & Canon Camera Kits with all the proper knowledge & support.


We are a family-owned business. We aren't on set or a plane when you need our help, and rentals aren't just a side-hustle. When you call our number, you will talk to invested owners of the company who only care about one thing--YOUR NEXT SHOOT.


The owners of Nashville Camera live and work together, so there is minimized risk during the pandemic when you rent from us. We are the safest rental house in Nashville. Visit our blog to see how gear is safely checked in and out during this difficult time. 







                           Need vintage glass?

We have everything from Angenieux  to Zeiss. Our 8 lens rehoused Baltars, with their unique cobalt flare, are our newest oldies, with many more kits being rehoused as we write. 

If you need speed, try our MK3s or one of our three K35 kits (we have coated and uncoated sets).










We do! Our TLS 6 lens 








Full-frame is here, and we can help you with the math.


We have the Sony Venice, Arri Mini LF, and Red Monstro in stock. Try them with our new 9 lens Arri Signature Primes, or our brand new Caldwell Chameleon 1.8X Anamorphics. 







We also stock S35 Anamorphic Cooke Special Flares, Kowa EVOs, Van Diemen Customized "Square Peg" Lomos, and THE BEAST, a 40-120mm T2.5 Square Front Anamorphic Zoom!

Got TLS?
Got TLS?


You're only as good as the folks who hire you. And we've been fortunate to work with some of the best directors, dp's, agencies, and prod. co's around. 

Here's some of the projects we've provided camera and lenses to:

  "Bomb City" -Feature Film (2018)

  Mtn.Dew "TN Originals" -Spots (2019)

  "The Dead Center" -Feature Film (2019)

 "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" -Food (8 Seasons)

 "Real Country" -USA (2018)

  "I'm Not Ashamed" -Feature Film (2018)

  Univ. of Kentucky Super Bowl -Spots (2019)

  "American Idol" -FOX (2019)

"Tell Me A Story" -CBS (2020)

"Lein On Me" -Feature Film (2020)

Nashville Camera is located at 933D Woodland St., next to High Tea Garden in the heart of East Nashville. We are located in the back!

We have plenty of parking and private prep areas for you to build out your kit. We want ACs to get their prep days, so please prep at our shop!

We sell Expendables, Peli Cases, and are resellers of all kinds of AC gear. HERE is our current sales list!


Lens testing is always encouraged! Come by anytime, and someone will be happy to show you our glass.


We always answer the phone! Call or text and we will pick up.

CONTACT us today for the best rates and service in Nashville! 

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