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Arri Signature Primes 6 Lens

As quoted by Roger Deakins "The Image the LF & the Signatures produces, seems to me, more like what my eyes see than anything else I have experienced so far."---So why not rent them together?!


These lenses provide soft, delicate flares. They make skintones appear warm and smooth.  They do a beautiful job of rendering fine details.  


All are T1.9 with 114mm fronts

18mm/CF 14"/4.4 lbs

25mm/CF 14"/4.2 lbs

35mm/CF 14"/3.7 lbs

47mm/CF 18"/4.0 lbs

75mm/CF 26"/4.2 lbs

125mm/CF 3'4"/5.1 lbs 


Used to shoot "1917","Emma", and "The Invisible Man"

Arri Signature Primes 6 Lens

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