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Bausch & Lomb Baltar 8 Lens

These Baltars were collected for over two years before rehousing. They are very well color-matched, and are low contrast, with distinctive cobalt blue flares.


B&L never made a true wide angle until the Super B's, but the 18.5mm Angenieux Retrofocus or 18mm Cooke Panchro used to go out with a set back in the day. We have both in house. 95mm fronts & T2.3-2.8


25mm covers S35

30mm covers S35

35mm covers S35

40mm covers FF

50mm covers FF

75mm covers FF

100mm covers FF

152mm covers FF

All have 80mm fronts.


Used to shoot "The Godfather" and "The Witch"

Bausch & Lomb Baltar 8 Lens

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