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Canon CN-E 6 Lens (EF)

FULL FRAME 1.5! EF mount. The 11-blade aperture in all six lenses contributes to a pleasing bokeh and circular highlights.  The coating on the CN-E's allows the lenses to capture precise colors, high contrast, natural skin tones, reduce ghosting, and minimize flare.  They are specifically designed to minimize breathing.


14mm/T3.1/114mm front/CF 8"/2.6 lbs

24mm/T1.5/114mm front/CF 12"/2.6 lbs

35mm/T1.5/114mm front/CF 12"/2.4 lbs

50mm/T1.3/114mm front/CF 18"/2.4 lbs

85mm/T1.3/114mm front/CF 3'2"/2.9 lbs

135mm/T2.2/114mm front/CF 3'3"/3.1 lbs

Canon CN-E 6 Lens (EF)

  • The CN-E primes are fast at T1.5, are full-frame. 


    14mm   T 3.1

    24mm   T 1.5

    35mm   T 1.5

    50mm   T 1.5

    85mm   T 1.5

    135mm T 1.5

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