Cooke SF 4 Lens

Is it Flair or Flare? The Brits say flair.


Regardless, this Cooke SF Anamorphic 4 Lens Set gives you more flare and character than standard Cooke Anas. You of course get the Cooke Look on the face and skin, with oval bokeh, and the cam followers ACs love. 


40mm T.2.3 110mm front CF 22" 7.5 lbs.

50mm T2.3 110mm front CF 22" 7.9 lbs.

75mm T2.3 110mm front CF 31" 7.1 lbs.

100mm T2.3 110mm front CF 35" 7.5 lbs.


They are heavy-ish, so prolly need lens support.


The SFs shot the "Halloween" reboot, & "The Boys" Amazon series.


We can sub in the 25, 60 macro or either of the zooms, if needed. 

Cooke SF 4 Lens