Optica Elite S7 4 Lens

"Love 'em or hate 'em' modern Russian anamorphics!


Depends on your shoot, but they do have character!


These S7s are much lighter than the more beastly MK4 or MK5 versions. 


All 110mm fronts, the 40 is a V2, so no vignettes, and is much lighter, more suitable for Movi work.


Optica Elite S7 Anamorphics:


40mm T2.2 110mm front CF 20.4" 6.4 lbs

50mm T1.9 110mm front CF 24.5" 6.5 lbs

75mm T1.9 110mm front CF 31" 6.9 lbs

100mm T2.3 110mm front CF 31" 7.1 lbs


The Elites were used to shoot "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Robinhood" (2010)

Optica Elite S7 4 Lens