TLS Canon K35 6 Lens

Vintage full frame lenses.  Used on "The Handmaid's Tale", "Aliens", "Her", and "American Hustle".  Low-contrast, fast with round irises throughout the range.


TLS housings are the best, but the flare tends to be reduced with rehoused K35s. This set is uncoated, so the flares are enhanced.


18mm/T1.5/110mm front/CF 1'/3.8 lbs

24mm/T1.5/110mm front/CF 1'/2.8 lbs

35mm/T1.3/110mm front/CF 1'/3.7 lbs

55mm/T1.3/110mm front/CF 22"/2.5 lbs

85mm/T1.3/110mm front/CF 2'9"/3.3 lbs

135mm/T2.0/110mm front/CF 3' 8"/3 lbs11oz.

TLS Canon K35 6 Lens