TLS Cooke Panchro 7 Lens

Classic Hollywood S35 lenses. Shoot them wide open w/no worries. The TLS versions cam followers are smooth, and they don't telescope like the P&S versions do.


The 18mm also doesn't vignette like some of the P&S rehousings do... 


7 lens set all 110mm front:

18mm/T2.2 /CF 8"/2 lbs.

25mm/T2.2/CF 8"/2 lbs.

32mm/T2.3/CF 9"/2 lbs.

40mm/T2.3/CF 13"/2 lbs.

50mm/T2.3/CF 15"/2.5 lbs.

75mm/T2.8 CF 2'4"/3 lbs.

100mm/T2.8 CF 2'/3 lbs.


Panchros were used on "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Green Room", "The Witch" and "Rush". 

TLS Cooke Panchro 7 Lens

  • 18mm T2.3 110mm CF 12"

    25mm T2.3 110mm CF 14"

    32mm T2.3 110mm CF 13"

    40mm T2.3 110mm CF 2"

    50mm T2.3 110mm CF 3"

    75mm  T2.3 110mm CF 3 feet

    100mm T2.8 110mm CF


    This 100mm is the Deep Field Lens, which won an Oscar in 1962.

  • The Cooke Look is on full display with this set, as these lenses render skin like no other. Expect a lower contrast, soft flares, and minimal breathing with this set. The 40 is the magic lens!


    TLS rehoused lenses are the industry standard. Their cam-driven followers, make pulling focus smooth, and end stops calibrate easily.

    These lenses are all 110mm, and clip-on matte box friendly. No telescoping or binding!