What do I need to do to rent gear?

Simple. Go to the DOCS section, download our Rental Agreement, Sample COI, and CC Auth. Sign and return the R/A & CCA, and send us a COI. Email us your dates, requested gear, and we'll send you a quote.

When is the gear due back?

Gear is due back by 10:30 AM the morning after your last shoot day. Special circumstances may allow for later returns, but we have to approve those. We allow some clients to drop gear off after hours. Please contact us for more info on this.

What's your travel policy?

We normally don't charge for travel days, but a lot of shoots are in cool cities, and there's the rub. We understand where you might want to have a day to play after a shoot, but we're also trying to run a business. So, please clear all travel with us in advance.

What's your payment policy?

We accept cash, check, credit card, paypal or similar methods of payment. First-time clients or out of state clients are expected to pay in full at check-out. International clients are expected to pay in full at time of check-out. Older clients may ask for a net 30 payment, but we add 4% if the payment goes past 30 days from checkout. Each month after that, another 2% is added to the total amount due.

What if I don't have rental insurance?

We can provide insurance for an additional 10% charge (on your entire order), but several criteria must be met. Contact us directly for more info.